Friday, January 13, 2012

Austin Winter

Visited Austin again! My sister knows me too well -- we drove straight to Saltgrass Steakhouse from the airport.

I ordered blue cheese dressing with my salad. The waiter had a brilliant suggestion -- blue cheese on my steak. It was one of those decisions that you make in a split second, and that you know you're not going to regret. Here it is, the Cowboy Ribeye with melted blue cheese, and a puddle of butter held in place by a sweet potato. Saltgrass Steakhouse. Read about their legend here:

Coke Bottles

Some sort of coffee that my brother-in-law ordered for me. It was the best coffee I've ever had. Cafe Medici

"World Famous Texas Donut" as featured on Man vs. Food. I kid you not -- a family was sitting right outside eating breakfast, each person with their own "Texas Donut". I think each one has the volume equivalent of a dozen. Imagine Krispy Kreme, except bigger and better.

Enjoying a Sam Adams Boston Lager, in Austin.

Of course I had a steak with that beer. A Texas Ribeye at Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse.

Yep, I'm still fascinated with taking photos from the airplane.

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