Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taiwan 2011

Hello folks!
Welcome to my new photo blog. A few pics from my trip to Taiwan back in February!

Day 1: When we arrived, the extended family got together for a picnic hot pot in the countryside mountains. It doesn't get any better than this. The ingredients included a variety of fresh mushrooms, a local specialty.

Day 3: Yes, more hot pot. I'm not even sure how many times I had it during my trip to Taiwan. We actually went to this restaurant chain twice, both times in Taichung. Notable hot pot ingredients that are typically unavailable in the States include duck, mochi, swordfish, Chinese cruller (youtiao), pork intestine, duck blood, fresh oysters, and rice-blood cake. All-you-can-eat for eight people was around $130USD.

Cloud Sea
Day 5: We were on our way up to Shan Lin Shi, and we saw a "Cloud Sea". We also saw wild monkeys.

Day 6: Ostrich. It's like duck but a bit more chewy, probably one of my favorite types of bird meat. I used to love the geese dishes in Taiwan, but they are now endangered. They were just too good. This image was taken with my recently acquired Nikon FM film camera.

Day 7: A shot from the 2010 International Flora Expo, enjoying the incredibly shallow Depth of Field from my 85 f/1.4G w/ Canon 500D filter.

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